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GLUEE: Land Use Webinar Series

How to Use California’s 2022 Housing Laws to Your Advantage

January 2022

Presented by: JMBM’s Zoning & Land Use Practice Group

In light of California’s worsening housing crisis, the California legislature continues to pass aggressive new laws directed at facilitating the development of housing across the state. This workshop will explore the latest round of laws going into effect this year, and will review how these new laws are expected to impact development and further limit a local agency’s power to deny new housing projects.

The session includes a discussion with a panel of experts, followed by a live Q&A.

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Is Your Property Historic? How to Navigate the Designation and Development Process

March 2022

Presented by: JMBM’s Zoning & Land Use Practice Group

In California, historic preservation laws continue to be some of the most powerful and restrictive forms of land use control, and can dictate a project’s eligibility for certain environmental exemptions and other legal protections. As a result, it is critical for infill developers and project teams to have a basic working knowledge of these laws, and to consider these issues as early as possible to assure a particular project’s success.

This workshop reviews the primary historic preservation laws and regulations implemented by local agencies in connection with infill development, and includes a discussion about common historic preservation issues and disputes.

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Using the Housing Accountability Act and Housing Crisis Act to Get Your Project Approved

May 2022

Presented by: JMBM’s Zoning & Land Use Practice Group

The California Legislature has declared war on the state’s housing crisis. Over the past several years, a suite of new housing laws have been passed to establish stringent restrictions on a local agency’s ability to delay, downsize, and/or deny housing development projects, including by increasing the power, enforceability, and influence of the California Housing Accountability Act (HAA) and the Housing Crisis Act (SB330).

Learn how to use the new laws to your advantage and ensure that your housing projects – and mixed use projects – are approved.

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An Introduction to Lobbying and City Ethics Regulations

August 2022

Presented by: JMBM’s Zoning & Land Use Practice Group, Sheri Bonstelle, and Neill Brower

A new City of Los Angeles ordinance imposes significant restrictions on political donations and provides reporting requirements for developers and property owners—not just lobbyists—during and after the entitlement process. Additional cities, including Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and others are preparing new legislation addressing lobbying and political contributions.

In our upcoming webinar, Neill Brower and Sheri Bonstelle will explore the ethics, lobbying, and political contribution requirements that apply to entitling projects in various cities and counties in California.

This program discusses, in-depth, the LA ordinance enacted in response to a recent history of City Councilmember indictments, and provides an overview of the requirements in other cities to comply and avoid ethics violations and fines.

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